What do the parents I support say?

Antenatal support

“Your intelligence, enthusiasm and sincerity were palpble throughout, as was your warmth”

“Really supportive and open to all opinions, a safe space to ask questions.  Highly recommended.”

“I learned far more than I expected to.  I feel like you have reassured me and taken the pressure off what is about to happen!”

“I feel better prepared and I have more sense of how we will approach becoming parents as a couple.”

“You were informative and friendly.  Your approach to the topics was good, straight to the point.  No sugar coating – perfect.  Thank you for helping us on our journey.”

Postnatal support

“Lucy is a great listener and good at getting you to open up.”

“Thank you for all your support, I feel much more confident in my ability to be a good Mum now and to make good choices and decisions with no guilt.”

“It was really helpful to talk about my emotions and the reality of being a new parent.  Thank you”

“Really loved your style – your openness, your empathetic approach and understanding, how personable you are.”

“You have given me great confidence to succeed as a Mum.”

“A real lifeline.  You have developed me into a happier, more sane Mum.”

“I found this really valuable.  Compared with how I felt when I first signed up, I feel much more resilient.”

Postnatal Recovery Scarf Binding

Postnatal recovery scarf binding by Lucy was the best thing I did for my mind and body after the birth of my first child. The session is unique in that it addresses both physical and mental wellness, and certainly in my case improved them. It begins with a discussion about your unique birth experience and how you are feeling now. Lucy then tailors the session focusing in on your needs resulting in a deeply therapeutic and emotionally powerful experience that left me in a zen-like state of relaxation and mindfulness. The technique used with the scarfs both freed up my stiff lower back and tightened up my pelvic area. The feeling of the scarfs was incredibly comforting and combined with the meditation, put me in a deeply relaxed state where I could explore some of my feelings about my birth experience and even my fears about the future. This was such a wonderful way to celebrate the end of my pregnancy and birth journey, and be able to focus on making myself stronger. Thank you Lucy x

Birth Trauma Recovery - 3 Step Rewind

I planned all along to have a water birth but when it came round to labour and the birth my daughter stopped moving during & her heart rate dropped & I was rushed in to have an emergency c section. It was terrifying to say the least. After the surgery, it was physically so difficult, but I also felt a heaviness everyday that I didn’t realise was affecting me. When I spoke to Lucy about how my labour & birth went she picked up on that I was full of fear. She hit the nail on the head & as we worked together delving into my feelings more I realised I was so anxious & fearful everyday that something awful would happen to me & my baby. The panic I felt at the time of the birth, I was reliving everyday with everything around me triggering those feelings. Working with Lucy doing the 3 step rewind has honestly changed my everyday life in ways I didn’t imagine it to. I have managed to feel much more positive & relaxed when I think back upon the birth & everyday in my life, the heaviness has lifted! I cannot begin to thank Lucy for helping me with what I didn’t even realise was affecting me so deeply, to being able to finally live & enjoy everyday as a new mum and being able to now be happy and content!