Qualifications, Training and CPD

I aim to keep my knowledge and training as up to date and relevant as possible.  Here are details of my relevant qualifications and training, as well as CPD study days and courses I have completed:

June 2020                   Informed Decision Making (NCT Study Day)

February 2020           Induction of Labour (NCT Study Day)

February 2020           3 Step Rewind – Birth Trauma Release Technique (Alexandra Heath – Traumatic Birth Recovery) 

January 2020             Beyond Rebozo –  Scarf Massage Workshop (Nicola Nelson, The Way of the Koi, RCM Accredited)

January 2020             Group B Strep (NCT Study Day)

January 2020             The Infant Microbiome (Bridget Supple, Teachable.com)

December 2019           Sling Library Training (NCT Online Module)

September 2019          Empowering Parents to make Informed Decisions (NCT Online Module)

July 2019                     Attained “Excellent Practitioner” status in my NCT Postnatal Practitioner role

March 2019                 NCT Regional Practitioner Forum 2019

February 2019            Early Days courses – be inspired    (NCT Study Day)

November 2018          Twins & Multiples (NCT Online Module)        

October 2018               Facilitating Reunions (NCT Study Day)

March 2018                 Happy And Healthy After Childbirth (NCT Study Day)

January 2018              Developing Your Role  (NCT Study Day)

July 2017                      Completed Level 5 NCT Postnatal Practitioner (Worcester University)

June 2017                     Loss Study Day (NCT Study Day)

May 2017                     Midwifery & Obstetric Update (NCT Study Day)

October 2016               NCT Babble Live 2016

July 2016                     Completed Level 4 Cert-HE NCT Birth and Beyond Practitioner (Worcester University)

January 2016              Physical Skills With Confidence (NCT Study Day)

September 2015          Started training with NCT

June 2013                     Qualified as an ABM Mother Supporter

March 2013                 Completed UNICEF Bedfordshire Breastfeeding Buddy (peer support) training.